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Need a Lift?

The Best Lifts Around

Building a custom TV lift is an SCI specialty. With the newest technology and our skilled workers we can make any of your dreams a reality. Shea Communications only uses the highest quality lifts and can put together a custom plan for any home. Indoors and out these lifts will hide your TV until you want it to be seen. This lift uses remote control to rise up out of the cabinet and can be manually swiveled side to side. Another great job done by the SCI team.

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Smart Homes are Safer Homes

Home Automation at its Best

In this day an age keeping your home or business safe is a high priority. With Shea Communications, you can have the peace of mind you deserve. With the newest technology, cameras and security systems can be connected to your phone, tablet, or PC. You can arm and disarm your home as well as checking in on your pets with a touch of the screen. The home automation system can also unlock doors and turn on lights if you are not home to let someone in. Having full control over your security systems with your cellular device makes it that much easier to keep it safe from intruders. Shea Communications offers a wide variety of devices to allow you to manage temperature control, video feed, security alarms, locks and lights.

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Outdoor Viewing

A TV to Handle the Elements

The SCI team can install a TV into any environment indoors and out. This TV has a tempered glass shield to protect it from a variety of elements. The full 1080p HD display has an anti-glare screen which makes it ultra clear and readable in direct sunlight. It also has a built-in heating and cooling system for permanent installation. You can be outside watching the big game or just relaxing while watching your kids play. This TV is a great addition to any home and will bring beautiful picture quality to any outdoor viewing area.

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Custom Installations

From Notepad and Pen to Your New Home

The Shea Communications team is here to fill all of your technology needs. With a new home, SCI can put together a customized installation and make your dreams a reality. In this living room, the SCI team set up a TV over the fireplace and made sure there were no visible wires. This idea started with a notepad drawing and then turned into a beautiful living room. SCI works to fill all of your needs and makes sure every installation meets your imagination. New homes allow for a variety of customization from home theater and sound systems to the security system that will keep your home protected.

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Fireplace TV Installation

No Exposed Wires

The highly trained professionals here at Shea Communications have mastered the skills needed to mount your TV into any environment. Shea Communications follows an aesthetic principle with all of our jobs. This job called for a TV to be mounted on a fireplace with no exposed wires. After strategically cutting the brick, the team placed the necessary wires and mounts and then replaced the brick. This allows for the TV to sit in the middle of the fireplace without any exposed wires. The brick work done on the fireplace looks exactly the same as it did with an addition of a great TV. Another beautiful job done by the SCI team!

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About Us

The SCI Family

In today’s world of technology, individuals and companies depend on fast and reliable services. From the speed of the WIFI in your home to the reliability of an emergency response team to stop a break in at your business. Everyday people are faced with various challenges and the last thing they want to worry about is the reliability of their telecommunication network in their home or business.

Shea Communications was started in 1994 with the idea that we can build a fast and dependable network to handle all of your security and entertainment needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with a reliable and customizable telecommunications network that will handle fire, security, wireless, camera, and automated home and business systems.


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