Author: Kaitlin Shea-Bailey

Importance of Area of Refuge

Importance of Area of Refuge is to have a fire escape plan along with the ability to call out from a 2 hour fire rated stairwell for handicapped persons. The…
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Does Covid 19 have you dreaming of upgrading items in your home?

I don't know about you but a cozy comfy theater room would be great right about now! All jokes aside, being home for long duration of time allows us to…
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Before a mess of wires and after work of art

Does your mechanical room look like the before picture? Have you tried to connect something but cannot find it? Check out the after picture to see what your clumps of…
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What is a central station and why is central station monitoring important for life safety?

A central station is a center with highly trained operators who immediately respond to any incoming alarm events. The top-priority at a central monitoring station is to make sure that…
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Laying the ground work… Commercial Camera Install

Installing cameras for security and safety purposes in a commercial setting can be tricky, but by laying the ground work we can properly distinguish locations for the best possible views…
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Conference Room Projector Done Right.

If you are looking to add or update your conference room at your office or your home theater with a projector give us a call to see what your best…
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