Month: June 2017

Fireplace TV Installation

No Exposed Wires

The highly trained professionals here at Shea Communications have mastered the skills needed to mount your TV into any environment. Shea Communications follows an aesthetic principle with all of our jobs. This job called for a TV to be mounted on a fireplace with no exposed wires. After strategically cutting the brick, the team placed the necessary wires and mounts and then replaced the brick. This allows for the TV to sit in the middle of the fireplace without any exposed wires. The brick work done on the fireplace looks exactly the same as it did with an addition of a great TV. Another beautiful job done by the SCI team!

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About Us

The SCI Family

In today’s world of technology, individuals and companies depend on fast and reliable services. From the speed of the WIFI in your home to the reliability of an emergency response team to stop a break in at your business. Everyday people are faced with various challenges and the last thing they want to worry about is the reliability of their telecommunication network in their home or business.

Shea Communications was started in 1994 with the idea that we can build a fast and dependable network to handle all of your security and entertainment needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with a reliable and customizable telecommunications network that will handle fire, security, wireless, camera, and automated home and business systems.


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