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In such uncertain times, it’s more important now than ever to protect your home and family. SCI is focused on providing quality security systems utilizing the highest quality products available. Systems include anti-burglar protection, fire & carbon monoxide detection and surveillance camera systems. Our state-of the art alarm monitoring station will make certain that an appropriate emergency response is issued without delay should you ever need one 24/7  365 days a year.

SCI has you covered!!


In addition to your security system SCI offers state of the art home automation control systems that will allow you to adjust the temperature, lights and even unlock your doors remotely. Image your child comes home from school and discovers they don’t have their key…they call you in a panic because they cannot get into the house; you push a few buttons on your smartphone and unlock the door from your office.




SCI’s highly trained installers can seamlessly integrate the latest high-tech marvels into any environment. We can make sure that your chosen system is beautifully installed and easy to upgrade. For the ultimate in convenience, we can also design and install a network that centralizes your entire media collections and makes it available throughout your home. From the modest bedroom stereos to state-of-the-art home theaters, SCI can design and install the audio/video system of your dreams.




When it comes to home theater installation our main aim is to provide you with the sharpest images and richest sound whilst maintaining ease of use. We can install a complete home theater system for you, or integrate your new audio/video purchase with your existing equipment.



When you shop for audio video equipment chances are you’re looking beyond the physical component. You’re envisioning future experiences in your home….movie night with your family or perhaps your favorite music playing in different rooms. Even if you’re just looking a simple solution for a small space, SCI will help you translate your vision into a custom designed system that meets your exact needs.



In today’s world of technology, individuals and companies depend on fast reliable services. SCI offers a full range of IT solutions to meet your home and/or business needs. Our highly trained staff provides professional, high-quality service at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business or residential location. SCI will securely setup your wireless internet access to prevent outsiders from gaining access to your network; install and configure file/printer sharing so all your computers can work together. SCI will advise on best ways to backup your valuable and irreplaceable photos, documents and other system data which is often lost when things go wrong. For your office/business SCI has you covered….everything from wiring to server management to point of sales systems and system repairs we do it all.

Entrance Gate Systems

Entrance gates add a stately elegance and the utmost security to your home and property, impress friends, family and business associates with a set of Driveway Entrance Gates that complement and complete your home decor. Automatic entrance gates are not just for large, upscale homes anymore. As more and more people are looking for ways to add to their security, entrance gates are becoming more popular for all types of residential settings. With increasing popularity, many additional options are now available for these gates. They are becoming architectural accents that not only provide peace of mind, but also enhance curb appeal as well.

Video Surveillance Systems

Protecting our families, property, and business is an unfortunate part of our lives, in some cases we need proof of something that has occurred at our homes or place of business. Whether it is an act of nature or a robbery causing a loss or if you suspect an employee might be taking advantage of you, having a video record as “proof of act” is often needed to deal with the situation. Also many insurance companies offer discounts after a video surveillance system is installed *”check with your carrier for additional details”. Most systems are configurable for remote access via smartphone and/or web access for viewing while you’re not at home, events can be exported and saved to CD/DVD for future needs such as submitting for an insurance claim or presenting to the local authorities if needed.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

For seniors who are living alone, injuries or incapacitation can mark the end of an independent lifestyle. In fact, one out of every three people over age 65 will fall this year, which can lead to complications. Don't let a fear of injury take away your freedom, a personal emergency response system puts help within reach. With a simple push of a button sends a signal to one of our highly trained members at the monitoring station, who will alert the local emergency responders that help is needed so you can live comfortably in your home, receiving 24 hour medical monitoring and home health security without losing your independence.